Excellence in Program Management & Ownership

When quality and lead times are important, and they usually are, the Bull advantage can make all the difference. Because we are "American Made," quality issues can be addressed and corrected stateside. You'll never have to deal with 12 week lead times or QC costs such as advance payment, excessive air freight costs, scrap/bad part fallout or communication barriers, like you do when your item is coming from offshore.

Quality is largely managed within our facility so we are able to lower costs and minimize recalls with lot traceability. Our system of project/mold books ensures the highest QC standards. These books contain all the job information in one place.

  • Training
  • QC requirements
  • Controlled prints
  • Production details and notes
  • Mold history and maintenance
  • Temporary instructions in the event of engineering changes or quality issues

Plus, production ramp ups/downs are a non-issue. If your production fluctuates, you don't have to worry about container loads on the water - we simply speed up or slow down production.

  • Total Cost Control
    • Tooling Maintenance
    • Repairs and Engineering Changes
    • Freight and Logistics Management
    • Management of Sub-Vendor Stocking and Pricing
Facility Excellence. Industry Expertise.